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All great stories start with passion.

For 23 years, MEYRIN RUN (formerly known as: Les foulées automnales de Meyrin) has offered an event dedicated to the discovery of the marvelous countryside around Meyrin.

The view of the Jura is particularly inspiring at this time of the year.


The name changes, but not the values!


In 2020, the name of Foulées Automnales de Meyrin changes and becomes Meyrin Run.


By changing our name, we want to honor all of our runners,

local but also international.

We continue to supply ourselves with local merchants.

We strongly respect the environment in which we operate. 

In addition, every year we support a social or humanitarian association.

Meyrin Run will continue in this beautiful state of mind.

It is in this spirit and notion of respect that the Association includes

women and men in its committee.

From all professional backgrounds, with complementary skills, the Association wants to respect each human values.



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